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Beautiful Blue Gemstones

Throughout the history blue gemstones are considered as one of the most beautiful, sought after gems that were used for making all types of jewelry. Being one of the most amazing colors for making jewelry, blue gemstones represent one of the most iconic stones used for making engagement rings, pendants, crown jewels, and earrings. Of course, the most famous gemstone that comes in blue color is sapphire. Apart from sapphires, in nature, we have hundreds of different stones that are just as mesmerizing and beautiful. In the following article, I will focus on the most popular and often used blue crystals that you need to consider when purchasing the next piece of blue jewelry.

Before we dive into describing all blue gemstones found in jewelry stores, I need to tell you a few things about blue color. It represents the sky and the sea, it is associated with inspiration, freedom, imagination, stability, intelligence, intuition, and sensitivity. Blue color represents wisdom, faith, intelligence, trust, depth, loyalty, and confidence. We know that blue color has amazing positive effects on both mind and body, causing the body to produce chemicals that calm the body, slows metabolism and helps relaxation. Be aware, too much blue color can lead to negativity, melancholy, and sadness. Deep blue gemstones are considered as sophisticated, elegant, and rich, light blue is associated with trust and honesty while royal blue gems are associated with superiority.


healingcrystals • 2019 May 19

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